"Clem's Garden.
Strengthening our community.
Nurturing experience, talents, friendships...and flowers."

Clem's Garden CIC is a new social enterprise which has been set up in Huddersfield.

It is run entirely by local volunteers, with a core 'Team Clem' group made up of members who are 50+ and who don't have children or grandchildren to channel their care, skills and experience into.  We also welcome adult volunteers who are under 50 or who have their own family, as 'Friends of Clem's Garden'.

We work together to grow and sell flowers, supporting local charities and community projects with our profits. 

As well as bringing happiness to the customers who enjoy our beautiful seasonal blooms, we can share pride in the business and the flowers we grow together; and pride in the positive difference they make.

We have plenty of laughs too.

'Clem's Garden has been supported with a funding grant from One Community, the Kirklees Community Foundation.'
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