Lush Flowers

  • Lush Flowers. Let’s face it, there are a lot of unanswered emails and ‘thanks but no thanks’ conversations that are part and parcel of finding customers for our flowers. Although we’re volunteer-run, we need an income to be viable and to fulfil our long-term mission to support our local community. This is why we donate our time. But it’s easy to pick up a bunch of whatever’s available at the supermarket or source flowers from a wholesaler; and in this high-paced world, convenience often trumps the 'Buy Social', 'Buy Local' agendas we might try to keep in mind. I think we all fall into this, however ethically-minded we are. So, when an international high street brand noticed us and proactively approached US to supply THEM, we couldn’t quite believe it. Thank you Lush for taking the time and care to look not only at using British flowers to adorn your stores, but to champion local suppliers - the smaller players; to ‘value values’; and to look at how you can use your power to support community. 💚

Lizzie Windelinckx