Clem's Garden Needs You!



If our story chimes with your experiences, we'd love to hear from you.

Are you 50+ and don’t have the role of mum, dad, nana, or granddad?  

Have you got some time, skills, and enthusiasm to bring to the Clem's Garden team?

Would you like to have a role in growing our business or our flowers?

Do you want  to help bring people together and raise money for charities and community projects?

Are you ready to share the journey with other like-minded locals? 

Clem's Garden needs team members with lots of different skills in order to flourish.....from gardening to floristry.....from marketing to book-keeping.....from admin to sales.....from maintenance to construction.  There'll be opportunities to develop new skills too.


Often we hear from adults who have a family life, but who would still like to get involved and support Clem's Garden.  Becoming a friend is an important way you can help.

We love our friends - these are the people we can rely upon to give us an extra helping hand.  Without our friends, the garden would still be a jungle of brambles, we would have no raised beds and we wouldn't be able to get half the jobs done in the garden that we need to.

Without our friends, we wouldn't be able to spread the word so widely about our volunteering opportunities and the beautiful flowers we'll have to sell.  Without our friends, we wouldn't have received precious donations of seeds, plants and pots.

Fancy becoming a friend? Then get in touch!


  • Become a Business Friend. Clem's Garden has benefitted from some amazing generosity from local businesses who have reached out to help us because they also care about their community. Whether it's offering expertise, machinery, plants, materials, time, or business opportunities - we're always grateful for help, and we like to shout about it on social media too!


  • Become a Charity Partner. If you think Clem's Garden should think about supporting your local charity or community project, then drop us a line. Each year, after covering running and development costs, 100% of our profits will be donated to good causes voted for by our team members.